C++ Developer

C++ Developer

NYC to $300,000 DOE

Small front office group is looking to hire a talented C++ developer to join their team. This is a team known for designing, building and supporting a bespoke trading system for low latency trading of options, futures and equities across multiple countries and exchanges.  The goal is to build a fast, robust, and stable distributed system that is easy to use and maintain conforming to firm’s high engineering standards. Work closely with quants and traders to use these libraries and systems to build, maintain, test and execute sophisticated trading models and strategies. Will be able to maintain codebase using git through GitHub Enterprise. 

Most of their trading infrastructure is written in C++11 on Linux (compiled with GCC 4.8 and Clang 3.2), relying heavily on the STL and Boost, and using boost::python and SWIG. 

 Must haves:

  • Expert in modern C++ development, and modern techniques such as templates, lambdas, and auto pointers. Familiarity with most of the STL and several Boost libraries.

  • Proficient writing multi-threaded code on modern Linux systems..

  • Financial industry experience.

  • Strong knowledge of the Linux environment with ability to leverage Linux system libraries to build simpler, more maintainable software. Familiarity with concepts such as shared memory and sockets.

  • Familiarity with Python

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

  • Experienced with  algorithms and data structures

 Skills and requirements

  • 2+ years of experience in financial industry

  • 2+ years of professional experience programming in C++

  • 5+ years total work experience as a developer.

  • Experience working in Linux.

  • Solid understanding of data structures and algorithms




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