Current Priorities
  • Software Engineer 200K Buy Side opportunity to work directly with a Portfolio Manager to help build a state-of-the-art Systematic Trading Platform in Java. more →
  • Quant Programmer 200K -400K

    Experience building/managing infrastructure in Python on a Portfolio Management team or on a Data Team.

    Medium frequency trading experience preferred.

    Experience working on/building global infrastructure (i.e. worked on data issues outside US)

    Once infrastructure is built the role will entail Quantitate/Alpha Research

    Hands on coding experience is a must; experience in Python or R ;SQL knowledge is required.

    LINUX knowledge is a plus.

    Would consider pure tech candidates from data teams but the individual should be interested in doing alpha research.

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  • Portfolio Managers $500 – $5M

    We are working with a new hedge fund in NYC that is looking for a variety of PMs to build out different businesses from the ground level. This is a multi-strategy fund that will consider any successful strategy including but not limited to: Statistical Arbitrage, Vol Arbitrage, Merger Arbitrage, Equity Derivatives, ETFs, Fixed Income, Futures and Liquid Credit.  They have a lot of capital to deploy and unlike most hedge funds, they can pay very competitive payouts.   So if you are looking to start your own team or to move you existing team over to a greenfield platform with a better payout and less nonsense give us a call.  NYC based but remote location ok. 


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  • Senior C++ Low Latency Developer 400K - 500K

    Our client is looking for a Senior C++ Low Latency Developer with a minimum of  5-10 years of experience.  Experience with C++ 14  is required  with C++ 17 or 20 is a plus.  A solid Computer Science background combined with your experience in HFT is a must have requirement.  This is a group of 4 Senior Developers building a new C++ Low Latency Trading applications and extending the infrastructure as required. 

    Skills: C++ 14, Linux, Low Latency, High Frequency Trading

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  • Java Algo Developer 200K- 300K Hedge Fund client looking for a Java Developer with Algorithmic Trading experience to improve and maintain their Algorithmic Trading System.  more →
  • C++ Linux 300K - 400K

    Systematic buy side firm looking for a Low Latency C++ Linux  developer to work in close collaboration with Traders on development and support of the Trading Infrastructure, Market Data collection and implementation of Quantitative Strategies.  Will also be responsible for performance improvement, and latency reduction.   Excellent opportunity to get to the buy side working alongside Portfolio Managers and Quants in the Front Office.

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  • Linux Engineer 200k - 400K

    Looking for Linux Engineers to work collaboratively with technology teams and business leaders to expand, enhance, and improve our ultra-low latency Linux trading infrastructure

    Helping tune performance and ensure high availability of our Linux infrastructure systems

    Designing and developing infrastructure monitoring and reporting tools

    Developing and maintaining configuration management solutions

    Building out test automation framework in collaboration with the team

    Creating tools to help teams optimize on the available infrastructure

    Driving change by taking ownership of tasks from beginning to end and employing creative solutions within various areas of the stack to reinforce better, faster technology

    Analyzing complex technical issues as well as proactively creating solutions

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  • Software Engineer 200K- 300k

    A major quantitative asset manager in Boston is looking for a software engineer to help develop and improve their data and research frameworks. Heavy Python experience preferred!



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  • Data Engineer 200K - 400K

    We are looking for an outstanding Data Engineer to join our investment team to build out our big data analytics pipeline.

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  • DevOps 200K - 250K
    • Act as an intermediary between trading teams, development team, and broker/exchange
    • Work to enhance and automate daily trading processes
    • Monitor automated trading and risk management system
    • Identify and resolve trading issues in a timely manner
    • Provide technical support of Linux machines in a production trading and development environment
    • Configure and manage monitoring processes (e.g. Nagios)
    • Assist with day-to-day maintenance of servers, including hardware changes, software installation, upgrades
    • Manage network of trading infrastructure
    • Install, configure, and deploy distributed Linux systems
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  • Data Scientist / Signal Researcher 200K - 300K

    A small and very successful quantitative fund in NYC is looking to hire a data scientist / signal researcher to join its collaborative team.  The researcher will design and develop code to analyze high frequency market data and other big datasets, implement algorithms to generate and test potential trade signals and integrate the results into their production environment.  

    This is an exceptional opportunity to take on more responsibility while gaining exposure to the quantitative investment process and growing with the firm.  Must be eligible to work in the United States.

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  • Software Engineer $250,000 - $300,000


    Mid-town systematic trading firm is looking for a low latency C++ programmer to work in close collaboration with traders on development of trading infrastructure and strategies.

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  • Machine Learning Researcher 200K - 500K We are seeking exceptional Quantitative Researcher with hands-on machine learning experience to join a growing quantitative fund. Candidates need not have prior knowledge of financial markets, but must have a strong interest in learning the equities markets.  This Machine Learning Researcher will be responsible for researching for alpha and converting the signals into trading strategies. more →
  • C++ Developer 200K- 400K

    Our client  is looking for a motivated developer with strong technical skills to join our development team in Chicago. The candidate will be tasked with expanding our platform to support new products and techniques, analyzing and implementing new trading models, and building out key pieces of infrastructure to support new and existing lines of business.


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  • Senior C++ Low Latency Developer $500,000

    Our client is looking for a Senior C++ Low Latency Linux Developer with 3-10 years of experience.  While financial experience is not required, a solid Computer Science background is.  This is a new group building a new C++ Low Latency Trading System.  This is a comprehensive and new system being built by a small team.  Think start-up environment inside an established firm.

    Skills: C++, Linux, Low latency, multi-threading, data structure

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  • Low Latency Connectivity Developer $250,000 - $300,000

    A proprietary trading firm specialized in high-frequency trading seeks software developers for their connectivity and direct market access engineering team.  These developers enable the firm’s traders to execute algorithmic trading strategies based on patterns in market behavior.  A great opportunity to join a leader in the industry while working with exceptional programmers and solving some of the most challenging engineering problems in the world.  

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  • C++ Developer $250,000 - $350,000

    A front office trading team is looking for a very hands on C++ developer who is a strong Low Latency C++ Linux programmer and is open to working on a diverse range of projects – from market connectivity to redesigning some of the engine, to working on data, fixing a bug in production or interacting with the quants. This person should have experience designing all areas of trading systems and Options experience would be a plus.  Will get great exposure to Quants and the front office.

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  • Low Latency C++ Developer $160,000-$200,000 DOE Global electronic trading leader is seeking a C++ Developer with a  strong  background  in  low-latency trading services.  Ideal candidate will have  excellent C++ and Java technologies skills more →
  • Software Engineer $250,000-$300,000 Mid-town systematic  prop trading firm is looking for a low latency C++ programmer to work in close collaboration with traders on development and support of the trading infrastructure, market data collection and processing, performance improvement, and latency reduction more →
  • Quantitative Prop Traders and Market Makers $300K – 1M We are seeking senior Quantitative Futures, Equities and ETF Traders and Market Makers to join a team  with the ability to use their experience and knowledge gained in a similar environment to help drive continued growth in our client’s proprietary trading and on-exchange market making businesses more →
  • FPGA Technical Specialist $300,000

    Join a team known for their innovative expertise in FPGA/hardware design, embedded systems and application development within a fast paced, client facing business environment.  Partner with internal teams including business development, quality assurance and operations to deliver reliable, high throughput and low latency solutions.

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  • Recruiter Excellent earning potential

    We are looking for an ambitious Recruiter / Client Manager to join our very successful team in Westchester County, New York. 

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